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“An investor without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination”.

Attractive is a boutique investment company and a multi- family office specializing in tailor-making structured investment solutions issued by major international banks. With a wealth of an international investment management experience and a mindset of thinking out of the box Attractive identifies global market opportunities, which are then harnessed through innovative investment solutions to the benefit of its clients. Accompanying our clients for many years with a lose relationship Attractive has successfully managed their investments in both times of growth and prosperity as well as in times of global crises.
Timing is everyhing.

Praise the bridge that carried you over.


Personal Customization

Our close relationship with each and every client enables us to devise superior investment strategies based upon the needs and requirements of the clients. We then execute those through tailor-made, creative and unique investment solutions whilst offering highest capital protection possible.

The investment solutions of Attractive are available for purchase by individual and institutional investors at their preferred major currency and their chosen product name.

Professionalism and Achievement

Attractive works efficiently to identify unique investment opportunities and select a strategy in real time based on an effective decision-making process with no unnecessary bureaucracy.

It is this flexibility, together with our creative “out of the box” approach and constant strive for excellence that enable our investors to enjoy optimal returns.

Reliability and Transparency

All of the innovative investment solutions Attractive designs are issued by major international banks, have their own identification number (ISIN) and are quoted on the Bloomberg and Reuters information systems.

These products are visible daily on the client’s bank account, which enables following  the daily progress.

Exclusivity and Discretion

Attractive coordinates personally with each client the management of the portfolio of our dedicated, in house designed investment solutions whilst maintaining complete discretion.

Don’t Follow the path.
Go where there is no path, and start a trail.


Today’s financial world presents a challenging environment for any investor wishing to earn attractive returns. Minimal interest rates, the absence of obvious, attractive investment opportunities and low yields in the bond markets have led to the development of smart, flexible and innovative regulated structured products.

Attractive specializes in designing, creating, managing and marketing of tailor-made  structured products and investment funds.


These solutions provide investors access to a new and exciting world of investing stocks, commodities, Forex, bonds and other instruments whilst providing the highest capital protection for the respective risk levels.

The Structured Products Investment Fund

Attractive has agreements with numerous international banks to issue structured product investment funds. Those offer a strategic investment management with various protection levels in diversified investment channels across the globe.

These investment funds enable clients  with multiple bank accounts, investment groups and wealthy families to consolidate their investments under a single fund, determine investment strategies and payout dates as well as enjoy a wide range of significant advantages, including:

  • Optimizing the capital available through a sophisticated investment solution.
  • Diversification of investment via multiple structured products comprising the fund.
  • The investment fund is issued by a major international bank, which strictly supervises it and serves as the obligor just as in the case of a bond issued by the bank.
  • The investment fund may be purchased directly through the client's bank account as part of the existing portfolio.
  • The investment fund is available for purchase through any bank around the world.
  • The investment fund is quoted on the Bloomberg and Reuters International information systems.
Structured Products 

Attractive specializes in the designing and issuing individually tailor-made, sophisticated structured products with short, medium or long-term maturities. This flexibility offers clients a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Achieving attractive returns from traditional investments with maximum diversification of risk.
  • Access to unique and attractive investment opportunities around the world.
  • The opportunity to invest in unstable markets and securities with low risk levels.
  • The ability to benefit from coupons or participate in appreciation of various securities, stocks, indices, commodities and so forth Full and partial protection of capital invested.


Thorough familiarity with customer characteristics, needs, objectives and scope of financial assets.

Complete analysis, comprehensive in-depth market research, technical analysis and global markets analysis on both micro and macro levels.

Tailoring exclusive, focused and dynamic investment portfolios with capital protection resulting in attractive returns for investors.

Prompt response to market fluctuations by devising of creative investment solutions considering global market trends and opportunities.

Use of full and partial protections to ensure the desired risk level.

Reliance on our extensive knowledge, experience, contacts and financial instruments to achieve optimal results over time.


Protected Capital Note on Dow Jones

A long-term structured product issued on 16.9.2013 Full protection of capital with a 150% return on the appreciation in the Dow Jones Industrial Average from the issue date to maturity.

Sold on 30.04.2015 on the secondary market at a yield of 23.71%.

Product on oil with full capital protection

At the beginning of 2016 we identified an opportunity at the price of oil when the price of oil fell below $ 30 We have issued a product that gives full investment protection and the investor receives the increase in the price of oil by leverage of 3 times the product was issued for five years.

Autocall Classique sur Melanox

A one year structured product with 50% protection on the Melanox share price and annual coupon of 12.65%.

Issued on 11.2.2014, following identification of an opportunity in the share price: $35 Since its issue, the share price has risen to $46 USD.

The product was redeemed on 11.2.2015 with the coupon.

Reverse convertible on Cyberark

A six month structured product issued on 29.1.2015 for stock of a recommended Israeli company that deals with cyber security.

An annual 15.44% coupon with 40% protection on the Cyberark share price.

The product was redeemed on 29.7.2015 with the coupon.

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